IT Products

ARSR has a diversified product portfolio with holdings in enterprises specialising in the No-Code, Ai, & Marketplace areas. 

IT Products | No-Code Low-Code Ai Marketplaces

The ARSR Group has a diversified product portfolio with holdings in enterprises specializing in the No-Code, Ai, & Marketplace areas. At ARSR, we leverage technology to bridge the gap between enterprises & customers to products & services globally. Our enterprises create value & build communities through technology in a way few enterprises & organisations do.

Storifi is a fully automated No-Code platform that enables Shopify store owners to scale their business by creating E-Commerce mobile apps. Using Storifi’s intuitive platform, E-Commerce enterprises can create, design, deploy & manage their entire mobile infrastructure through our No-Code platform. Our product enables businesses to save technology costs, time, effort & helps grow their businesses all with a few clicks.

With Reservifi, businesses can create, design, publish and manage their applications for a wide-variety of applications right from Doctor’s Appointment apps to Co-Working Reservation applications.

The Story Boxx

The Story BOXX helps compile and curate 32 Categories of materials that allow for a far more convenient choice by creative people in putting together Mood boards and Storyboards that are so essential to the process of design and yet so time-consuming.

“User our self service app or give us your document, rest in done in few clicks”, Synchronized your enterprise document with more than 50+ ERP/CRM/HRM/ORM connectors available with