The ARSR Group is a diversified business group with interests in Technology Services, & Products, AEC, E-Commerce & Investments. 

The ARSR Group

The ARSR Group is a diversified business group with interests in Technology Services, & Products, AEC, E-Commerce & Investments. Started in the year 2014, ARSR Group has emerged as one of the fastest-growing companies in the APAC region. With humble beginnings as a trading organization, we have diversified into 4 verticals with technology & e-commerce leading the way. We aim to be a global, socially-responsible Fortune 500 company by 2035.

Our Verticals | Technology  IT Products  E-Commerce  AEC Investments 


Our technology subsidiaries partner with high-growth companies, SMEs (small-medium enterprises), and established corporations globally to drive initiatives in digital transformation & cutting-edge technologies.

IT Products

Our IT Products division houses several enterprises aimed at key growth areas such as no-code platforms, Ai enables products & several technology platforms aimed at digitizing niche industries.


Our E-Commerce business houses two brands Swtantra & Triyah aimed at the high-growth ethnic wear category in India. Our technology prowess & strong domain expertise has been a recipe for high-powered double-digit growth.


The AEC (Architectural, Engineering & Construction) industry is on the cusp of major technological change. Our joint venture, RDT Tech is re-imagining design technologies with a specific focus on BIM for architects, designers & construction companies globally.


Our investment division makes strategic investments for the group with an emphasis on early-stage startups wherein existing group infrastructure can be leveraged. We have made strategic investments in key areas such as the AEC, Ai & Cyber Security industries.


The ARSR Family

Aditya Ranjan Sinha Roy


Aditya is a proven business leader who has built several successful enterprises spanning industries such as IT services, E-Commerce, transportation & AEC. With a penchant for aggressive growth & operational efficiency, he has turned around many enterprises into high-growth organisations.

Tanuja Sinha Roy


Tanuja is a distinguished business leader who has managed billions of dollars worth of sourcing business at key positions in South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East for large U.S. corporations such as Target Corp, Sears Holdings, JCPenney & Dollar General. With 29+ years of experience as a corporate leader, she is well-known as a turnaround guru for sourcing offices with a penchant for effective & efficient management.